What I'm Hearing In My Head
Mr. Natural's Music School, madness,
and surviving San Francisco
What I'm Hearing in My Head | Mr. Natural's Music School, madness, and surviving San Francisco
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“Everybody has a higher purpose – mine was to teach music.”

– Mr. Natural



“Music is not out there – it’s in each of us.”



The film What I’m Hearing in My Head is a portrait of Mr. Natural, a San Francisco iconoclast who has developed a unique method to teach music. He arrived in San Francisco just before the ‘Summer of Love’ when the city was embracing free spirits arriving from all over the country. Over the years, Mr. Natural has struggled to share his methods through Mr. Natural’s Music School. His uncanny resemblance to the Mr. Natural character created by Robert Crumb has influenced his life and identity over the years, and this film captures the colorful and multifaceted life he has led in San Francisco. See a ‘teaser‘ of the film here, and stay tuned for more updates!



“Why would you go to school and just learn to read and not to write? It’s the same with music.”

– Mr. Natural

Asha Ghosh


Asha Ghosh was inspired to make films to share stories of people she has met who are grappling with social change. Her portrait documentaries bring the audience into a unique space to share a few moments of an individual’s life. She is the Director/Co-Producer of the short Mr. Shanbag’s Shop, which premiered at the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival in 2010. The film also screened at the following festivals: Asian Film Festival of Dallas, Asian American International/New York and the San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival. Asha has been production assistant on two films produced by Urban Voice, based in Emeryville, CA. Crossroads in Nihonmachi (2007) describes the redevelopment of Japantown in San Francisco and Ingleside Presbyterian (2007) documents the role of a Minister and community leader at Ingleside Church in San Francisco.

Kathleen Dargis


Kathleen Dargis has been working within the media industry for over 20 years and has worked on a diverse selection of projects; from broadcast television to web-based video. With a personal interest in character driven portraits, she particularly focuses on documentaries, short films and non-profit profiles that capture unique, unheard voices with social issue themes. She co-produced and edited the character driven documentary short, Mr. Shanbag’s Shop, which premiered at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and screened at numerous international film festivals, and edited and produced the character driven documentary short, What I’m Hearing In My Head. In addition, she has worked with Kurtis Productions editing documentaries for the History Channel, edited short form profiles for the San Francisco Foundation (directed by Citizen Film), edited the documentary museum profile for the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, as well as a series of short form projects for Stanford University and the Cantor Museum Arts Center.

Charlie Canfield


Charlie Canfield is a 4-time Emmy award-winning animator, designer, and director creating sequences for film, documentaries and ads for over 25 years, with an emphasis on digitally hand-drawn animation. He has won Northern CA Emmy’s for ‘best animation in a documentary’ for the films: The Bridge so Far (which also won for ‘best doc’); A Span in Time (which was also nominated for ‘best doc’ and ‘best on-air host’) and The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green (which also won for ‘best doc’). Recent projects have also been nominated for awards this year. His work ranges from drawings and paintings to computer graphics, special effects, and motion control camera shooting for employers such as Colossal Pictures, Wild Brain Inc, Industrial Light and Magic, Digital Kitchen, Mondo Media, MTV, Nickelodeon, Alpha Cine, and many independent filmmakers. He has also received awards, nominations and selections from The Addy’s, Ad Age, and from international film and animation festivals such as Ottawa, Zagreb, London, Melbourne, New Zealand, San Francisco, Sundance, Anima Mundi, and The world Animation Celebration.

Dan Cantrell


Accordionist/pianist/saw player Dan Cantrell is an Emmy winning composer known for his innovative and energetic approach to documentary film and television scoring. Dan received an Emmy Award for his scoring work on the PBS documentary Home Front and was the musical director for the PBS children’s series Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station. He most recently composed music for three seasons of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack on Cartoon Network. He has scored over thirty films and has been awarded two Golden Gate awards from the San Francisco International Film Festival for his work on local films. Influenced by the music of Eastern Europe, Early American Jazz and modern alternative rock, his extensive scoring catalogue for film and television is described as “hauntingly beautiful…quirky and energetic” (SF Bay Guardian). Dan’s music spans a wide range of emotion and style, rich with virtuosic performance, lush acoustic orchestrations, sonic textures resonant with sound design, and strikingly innovative melodic themes. He can be heard on albums from Tom Waits, Joanna Newsom, the Toids, Beats Antique, as well as numerous self-produced albums. He was recently a featured soloist with the San Francisco Symphony, and has performed with the Oakland Symphony, Danny Elfman, Mike Marshall, members of the Klezmatics, Brave Old World, and Fishbone.

Tony Sondag


Tony has worked in film since 2004 when he was in his final year at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, studying for his M.F.A. in sculpture, combining video and found objects for installation art. Upon graduation, Tony studied film at SF State in the Digital Video Intensive. Since then he has been Assistant to the Bridge School News Network Video Director in Hillsborough, California and Editor/ Camera Operator/ Associate Producer for Stern Grove Festival Association’s video podcasts in San Francisco. He was Co-Producer/ Co-Director/ Co-Editor/ Co-Director of Photography for Crossroads in Nihonmachi-The Struggle of An American Community (2007) produced by Urban Voice in Emeryville, California where he first met and collaborated with Asha.  Tony currently lives in The Pacific Northwest and is continuing to work in filming and photography.

What I’m Hearing in My Head is now available on Vimeo!




What I’m Hearing in my Head — World Premiere!



Saturday, April 2nd 3:00pm — The New Parkway, Oakland CA.


Screens with the program Locally Grown Docs #3, a showcase of Bay Area documentary filmmakers.

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